Care Guide


As with any item, caring for it in the appropriate way will always make it last so much longer! Below are instructions on how to care for your new AmbiDexi tutu. Please have a read through.


Receipt of your new tutu

When your tutu gets to you from the courier, it will likely be a little bit crumpled, our tutus are so full that they don’t always appreciate going in a courier bag! All it will take to smooth it out is to hang it up (see “Storage”) and finger comb it through to straighten it out. A quick mist of hairspray can be helpful also, to help it retain it’s shape.


If you have purchased an AmbiDexi tutu (skirt), it will store so much nicer if it is hung on a coat hanger. Kids tutus will be fine on a standard hanger, adults ones would sit better on a pants hanger, with the clips to hold it up. One of our kids dresses also will store better on the pants hangers, you can get kids sized ones that are the perfect size for clipping to the bodice.


This is THE most important part of caring for your AmbiDexi tutu. Sometimes tutus get dirty. These things happen!


This will likely turn it very fluffy, and if it is a dress, with the soft stretchy bodice, it will likely never be the same!! A very gentle hand wash in warm water, (I suggest the bath for larger/adults tutus) then place it on its hanger in the sunshine to dry out. You can use a small amount of washing powder if it is really grubby, but generally a gentle wash by hand with warm water only will be sufficient.